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Process Improvement/Lean Assessment




Is this for you?

Are you a small to medium sized company that experiences:

– inconsistent on-time performance with your biggest accounts?

– constant expediting of orders by Sales while Operations struggles with long lead times, both within and from Suppliers?

– internal quality problems (mistakes, errors, deficiencies, rework) which are clogging capacity and efficiency?

– cash flow being squeezed from high levels of unsold goods and services?

– low volume and a high mix of different products and services?

If at least one of the above problems sound familiar, there may be a solution from applying Process Improvement/Lean concepts to your business. Don’t assume that this applies to only high volume parts production… nor to only manufacturing operations. By conducting a Process Improvement/Lean Assessment, you’ll find out one way or another whether these techniques have any payback for your company.



Assessment Deliverables

  1. Find out which areas in your operation can realize improvements from applying Process Improvement/Lean (in the areas of productivity, product/service quality, etc.)
  2. Identify what the financial impact would be from the improvements
  3. Find out what the Process Improvement/Lean Program will cost, the steps involved, and what’s the payback
  4. Get answers to your questions about Process Improvement/Lean Concepts and if it can be used in your business
  5. Your business processes receive a minimum of 4 days of Process Improvement/Lean analysis/assessment (1 day offsite + 3 days onsite for companies with less 100 employees, 5 days onsite for larger organizations)



What’s the cost?

The cost depends on the # of employees in your company, but…

If you decide to proceed with the Process Improvement/Lean Implementation Plan that is developed, the cost of the Assessment will be credited back to you during the implementation phase.



Why are we pricing it this way?

Because we want to make it easier for you to decide whether Process Improvement/Lean has any benefit for your company. I believe strongly that the simple techniques used in this approach can apply to almost any size company, in virtually any industry, for both product and service operations… and that companies have resisted because they either don’t understand what’s involved, don’t think it applies to them, or are afraid of the costs to do it. For instance…



Did you know that you are not applying Process Improvement/Lean properly if you:

– Have to purchase expensive software applications…

– Have to make significant capital investments in equipment or infrastructure…

– Have to add people…

– Have to increase floor space…

– Have to create a large budget to manage the Lean Program costs…

In fact, if you are doing Process Improvement/Lean properly, you should have no need for any capital outlay; with less people; with extra floor space; with less money tied up in inventory; with just-in-time and just-enough training (and with training for everyone only if you want all your employees to know what Process Improvement/Lean is about, and how it will affect them); and with all the costs of the program being easily financed through savings achieved during the implementation itself.

That’s why we developed this Process Improvement/Lean Assessment service and priced it for maximum value with minimum risk, so you can find out first-hand about what Process Improvement/Lean is and whether it has any benefits for your business.

To take the next step and get started, simply contact us with some background information on your company and your current exposure to Process Improvement/Lean, and we’ll get back to you on the cost to do an Assessment.